Meadowlark Long Sleeve Crew Vintage Sari Silk

$50.00 $110.00

Shirt Color
Raven Black
Silk Color
Bright Purple
Dark Purple Gold

Product Details

Comprised of beautiful lightweight, super soft 4-season merino. Merino regulates body temperature, wicks moisture away from the skin, and is naturally antimicrobial. Additionally, merino is one of the strongest natural fibers. 

We combined our merino with vintage Sari silk details, coupling the two strongest sustainable fibers. Both textiles are lightweight and luxurious, resulting in a unique garment that will withstand the test of time.

From the moment we laid eyes on these beautiful silk Saris we felt an immediate connection to the stories woven into their fibers. The babies they held, the Pujas (a Hindu blessing ceremony) they attended, each experience ingrained into the context of the silk fabric like a poem without words. We feel extremely blessed to have garnered this partnership in India which has granted us the opportunity to share a thread of history with you.

No two are alike, while the colors of each Sari are the same, for example, 'Orange' the pattern differs across the scope of the fabric.


Dolman Sleeve, Boat Neck, Thumb Hole Sleeves
Available in one size: Small/Med
Made in the U.S.A.
New Zealand 4-season lightweight merino, vintage Sari silk elbow patches  

Washable merino and silk
Model is wearing size Small in Granite with Bright Purple Sari silk


Wash in cool water with Earth-friendly soap. Air dry. Warm iron as needed. 

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