Alula Arm Warmers

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Raven Black

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Fitting just over the elbow, the Alula Arm Warmers are the shorter version of our more flagship product Wings Arm Warmers. Cozy up after a workout, yoga class, or hike without the added bulk of a coat or sweater. Or, wear them under longer layers in winter for extra warmth. Alula Arm Warmers are named for the middle part of a bird's wing that in Latin means winglet and is used for precision in flight.

Alula Arm Warmers are available in Raven Black and Granite.


  • One Size Fits Most
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • New Zealand light weight 4-season merino 


    • Wash in cool water with Earth-friendly soap. Air dry. Warm iron as needed.


      "The Alula are rocking my world. I have worn them almost constantly since they arrived. Unlike many other hand warmers, they are not bulky at all, in fact so smooth and streamlined that I forget that I am wearing them other than the lovely warmth. Thanks Pavepara!"

      — Neesha Zollinger — Owner, Akasha Yoga, Jackson Hole, WY

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