Our Story

Chance Poe Pavepara Owner

Everything within Pavepara is built upon a conscious mission to provide you with the highest quality product, constructed from the best possible materials, focused on consideration for the environment, and made in the USA by people who make a living wage. Pavepara draws inspiration from my passionate love for the wilderness. My objective is to fulfill a growing need for women like me to have clothing that moves from yoga to, the trail, to relaxation — effortlessly.

The name, Pavepara, is derived from the Joni Mitchell song, “Big Yellow Taxi,” wherein she poetically voiced that “we” as a society are intent on quite literally “paving paradise,” and "putting up parking lots." I love this song, and years ago I was able to build a community garden in a parking lot that flourished into a sacred space in an ugly place. By reversing the negative energy in a dirty industry like the garment and clothing market, Pavepara focuses on the beauty and elegance of the natural world, where we can come together and build gardens in parking lots, seed by seed, thread by thread, to produce clothing that is dedicated to purpose.

Birds are the key inspiration in my design process and that’s why 2% of Pavepara’s profits go toward bird conservation and research. Observing bird behavior is a pastime that everyone can enjoy, as it takes nothing more than a peek out the window. Each of the pieces in every collection are influenced by a particular bird species, emulating certain characteristics I love about them. You’ll find that inspiration inscribed on the hang-tags of each garment, along with a beautiful drawing by our featured artist, Kelly Halpin.

Enjoy the Pavepara Girl lifestyle every day. Go outside, fill your lungs with fresh air, let the sunshine warm your bones, feel the the rain on your face, the snow billow through your hair, and become a part of the precious landscape we are so blessed to embrace.

Chance Poe
Pavepara Owner/ Lead Designer