No Fuss Gym Bag Hacks: The Essential Pavepara Girl Arsenal

Posted on April 25 2016

Whether I am covered in chalk and dust from a day at the crag, or wiping my sweat drenched face post Asana practice, I have a little arsenal of products that keep my skin clean, fresh, and hydrated. 

For many years before I embarked on this journey as a Clothing Designer, I was a Fitness Trainer spending countless hours working-out both in and outside of the gym. 

The following list is a culmination of go-to essentials that every girl should have in their travel bag; 'Magic Potions' all Natural products that save time, and are not ridiculously expensive.


1: Thayers Witch Hazel Toner $10.95 12oz. With six different options to choose from Thayers has an option for your cleansing needs. Personally I favor the rose petal. Theyers also makes cleansing pads. However, the bottle is much more cost effective (transfer it to travel size container).


2: Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Spray $9 8oz. AKA Vacation in a Bottle. Lightly moisturize and refresh your skin with the wonderful mist of rosewater and hydrating glycerin.


3: Sierra Madre Sun Cream SPF30 $12.95 1.25oz. This stuff is amazing! I have very sensitive skin and most sun creams make my eyes water Sierra Madre does not, and it smells wonderful!


4: Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm $5. Six pretty shades to choose from. Super silky, lightly tinted, and ultra moisturizing. I also use it as a sheer cheek color that has just a hint of shimmer.,default,pd.html


4: Eyelash Curler: Sephora 'Things are looking Up' $10 I may or may not have mascara with me, but I always have an eyelash curler, this one is superb and so compact!

5: Clean Panties, you pick, always have a fresh pair Chonies. 

6: ShiKai Moisturizer $8.99 8oz Nine lovely fragrances to choose from. Personally, I love the Yuzu. It has a fresh citrus scent that is sheer and not overpowering very much like the moisture of this product; light and refreshing.

7: Pavepara Soar Poncho $50, Pavepara Wings Arm Warmers $32-40, and Pavepara Talons Leg Warmers $45-50. Super easy to stow, USA Made washable Merino Wool. These pieces where inspired by my personal fitness practice, and need for cute layers that are easy to combine, take on and off, and toss into a bag.



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