Yoga from your Device: Our Top-3 Online Yoga Studio Picks

Posted on April 23 2016

Ever find yourself wanting to Flow but not feeling motivated to actually attend a class? Sister I hear you! Today there are so many online options for streaming yoga it is hard to know where to begin? 

For years I have used the online class format to save time when: my schedule is cray, I don't feel like driving to a class, or I am in a location where a studio is not an option. 

What follows are my Top-3 online yoga studios, all of which have: a free triall period, you are charged on a monthly basis,  and require no commitment. I suggest taking a few classes from each option to help you decide which studio is the best fit for your practice. 

See you on the mat!

Chance Poe, Pavepara Lead Designer


Yoga Today

Neesha Zollenger demonstrates Vashistansna Side Plank Pose

Yoga today is filmed outside in Jackson, WY with the Grand Tetons as the studio backdrop. How OHM is that! Scenery aside, the classes are taught by practitioners who are at the top of their craft, offering advance, intermediate, and beginner variations, and detailed excerpts on how master each pose.

  • 14-Day Free Trial 
  • 14$ per Month, no commitment 
  • 20-60 Min Classes: Beginner - Advanced

One O Eight

 Founded by Yoga-Girl Rachel Brathen, One O Eight offers Insightful classes focusing on core, movement, strength and breath. You can pick and choose from several different options to find the perfect class for your Asana practice. Additionally One O Eight offers Meditation, Life Coaching, and Nutrition formats. A well balanced approached to Wellness and Yoga for 14$ a month. 

  • 10 Day Free Trial
  • 14$ per Month no Commitment 
  • 5-90 Min Classes Level I-III


 With literally thousands of classes to choose from and over 30 yogis to guide you, the only excuse you have is; no excuse. Taught in a studio setting in Santa Monica, CA teachers instruct students in classes ranging from Beginner to Intermediate. Start your class search by choosing either Body, Heart, or Mind  and then use the dropdown to fine tune which class is right for you. 

  • 15 Day Free Trial
  • 18$ Per Month No Commitment
  • 5-120 Min Classes Offered Level 1-3 & in-between 


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